What methods does your reading tutor use?

Children with reading problems fall into two main categories:

  1. Improper or inadequate instruction
  2. Dyslexia or reading disabilities

The solution for both situations is better reading instruction, by a reading tutor trained in superior methods.  Just because someone can read does not mean they can teach a struggling reader how to do it!  Otherwise, every child would read.  Instead, 25 to 35%, or more children struggle to acquire this very important skill.

Sound-to-Code, Synthetic, Systematic Phonics

These are all different names for basically the same approach.  The child learns the sound and its corresponding letter or letters, how to blend the sounds together, and is taught in a system that builds upon previous skill acquisition.  It works!

That is why we are more than reading tutors.  We specialize in the most successful reading instruction methods and incorporate brain training technologies to get bigger and faster results.

Science clearly shows that reading problems are caused by deficits in phonological processing.  Unless your reading tutor knows how to develop this cognitive skill, traditional reading tutoring may have very limited results.

Better than a reading tutor

At Accomplished Learning Centre we specialize in developing phonological processing abilities/skills.  With these abilities intact, your child can overcome reading problems and learn to read.  Permanently!  And without the time and expense of years of reading tutoring.

Skills require practicing with the correct tool

A child can’t learn to ride a bike by being told to do so–he needs a bike.  A child can’t learn to swim by being told about it–she needs to get into the water.

To overcome reading problems, the child must develop phonological processing skills.  This requires the right tool.  For many of our students, that is a special family of “computer games” called Fast ForWord.

These computer games are more fun than a reading tutor.  They are also far more effective than a reading tutor.  This is because the child can accomplished far more “practice” in a game than face-to-face.  Also, the computer eliminates the “shame” factor.  The computer doesn’t care if the child makes a mistake and so the kid isn’t embarrassed, whereas he might be with a reading tutor.

Data.  Fast ForWord provides extensive reports analyzing the student’s errors.  We then have a very clear picture of how your child’s brain works and what is going wrong in the learning-to-read process.  A human being (the reading tutor) could never compile this amount of information.

Armed with the data, Fast ForWord customizes to provide your child with more practice where needed, and little or no time wasted in skills that your child has already mastered.  You can’t do that with a reading tutor.

Reading Practice

The games provide reading practice in a fun and different way than a reading tutor can.  The games develop automaticity, which is how good readers read, whereas reading tutors usually teach the rules and exceptions.  Good readers don’t need to remember countless rules and exceptions because they read with automaticity.  Hmm.

What it looks like

Fast ForWord isn’t like a reading tutor.  Get a glimpse of the games with these demos.  They show you how to beat those reading problems.

Where it happens

For most of our students, Fast ForWord is done in our computer lab in Langley, BC.  It can also be done in your home.  We’ve had clients across Canada and the USA.

What to do next

Solve those reading problems now!  Call us at (604) 539-1386 or toll-free in Canada at 1-855-539-1386.