Talk About Love, Bringing Back Mac (PDF) – Before he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism, Mackenzie’s withdrawal from his family and classmates was a heartbreaking mystery. Thanks to Accomplished Learning Centre, today, Kim and Chris have their son back.

ALC Changes Young Lives – “I used to hate to read,” says the Grade 6 Abbotsford student. “Whenever my mom told me to read, I would go and hide. Now I want to read all the time and I can read much better than I did before.”

Change of PACE for Grade 5 Student – Cory calls the change in her daughter a “miracle.”  “There have been gains everywhere,” Cory said. “It’s a pleasure. This is the way it’s supposed to be.”

A Treasure for Autistic Boy – …one of his biggest challenges has been focusing on his work. He is easily distracted by sounds – such as the chatter of other students or a train whistle in the background – and Jeannette was concerned that he would fall further and further behind his peers. Enter PACE.

Fast ForWord Makes Reading Easy – Its ability to change the brain permanently has been proven by functional MRIs — scans which show the brain in motion.  Children’s progress after only a few sessions of Fast ForWord is nothing short of astounding.

Program Picks up PACE for Kids’ Learning – All PACE clients are evaluated before they start the program to see what learning deficiencies they might have. They are re-evaluated at the end of the 12-week program. In Christian’s case, he improved in all areas, with an average increase of 4.6 years. One of his biggest improvements was in “logic and reasoning.” He jumped from a level of 7.5 years to 16.3 years. In “visual processing,” he went from 10.5 to 16 years.

Sound of Music has Big Benefits – A piano tuner whose job was affected by a hearing loss was able to return to his beloved profession. A man in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease was able to improve his communication skills and return to the social activities from which he had isolated himself. These are among the success stories of a music-therapy method known as Samonas.