What does it look like to struggle in school?

A number of factors can identify that your child may struggle in school. How many of the following items describe your child?

It doesn’t have to be like this! Hey, your child doesn’t enjoy it any more than you do. Chances are, your child is overwhelmed and sees no way out. Kids (and adults) will react to a stressful condition by either acting out (becoming a behaviour problem) or by withdrawing (being overlooked completely). Your child should enjoy childhood. This should be a time when you, as a parent, enjoy your child. You will never get this time again so hurry and find out how to help solve this situation.

What to do about it

This quick and inexpensive assessment and parent consultation will clearly show you why your child is struggling and what to do about it. With that information, you can then discover what programs will solve your child’s learning problems.

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Problems in more depth

Poor grades

In elementary school, this is usually a pretty clear indication that the child has not learned the material. Either he/she did not understand the lessons (may have auditory processing weaknesses), could not comprehend the reading assignment (may have reading problems), could not stay attentive to the assignments (untrained or underdeveloped attention skills), among a number of other reasons.  Find out what’s going on with our Assessment and Parent Consultation. School only gets more difficult with every passing year so now is the time to act on these problems!

In high school, and if the problems did not exist in elementary school, it could be an inability to put in the necessary effort or focus on the task at hand long enough to get through. Perseverance is a trainable skills. We get amazing results in just 15 sessions with Interactive Metronome.

Does just enough to get by

This could be any number of undiagnosed deficits including weaknesses in perseverance, listening, reading, memory, reasoning, processing speed, comprehension, etc. Our Assessment and Parent Consultation will determine what is causing the problems.

Dislikes school

No one likes doing things they aren’t well-equipped for. As adults, if employed in a career we aren’t especially good at, we can quit and get retrained for something more suitable to our abilities and personality. Kids don’t have that option. However, through training (not teaching), the weak abilities can be strengthened and the child can be better, even superior, in the skills necessary for school success. Our Assessment and Parent Consultation will determine what needs to be strengthened and how to go about training it.

Homework problems

You must ask some questions! Why is there so much homework? Why doesn’t the child seem to know what to do? Why is he so resistant to doing what needs to be done? Are there some underlying causes that you can’t see? Homework problems are a very clear indication that something is missing in your child’s ability to learn and complete the schoolwork in class. Childhood only happens once and it should be a happy time. It should not be filled with arguments with parents, excessive pressure from teachers, humiliation in front of peers, and an environment that sets out a path of self-esteem issues. Our Assessment and Parent Consultation will find out what is at the root of the problems and how to go about getting the problems solved.

Doesn’t hand in assignments

This is a common indication that the child has not learned the necessary materials in class or through reading (underlying comprehension problems?) and is overwhelmed by the task and how to go about doing it. Even adults can be overwhelmed by tasks and it is human nature to put them off. (Think about the messy garage, closet, or relationship that you just can’t deal with.)  Our Assessment and Parent Consultation will determine what’s going on and how to enable your child to learn the lessons and stick to the tasks that need to be done.

Isn’t it time to find out why your child continues to struggle in school?

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