Learning Challenges and Brain Science

We work with a broad range of kids with a broad range of learning challenges. The list includes the most severe brain conditions, to average but struggling, to intellectually gifted.

All of our programs are based in science: the scientific understanding of learning challenges and the scientific design of programs to resolve those problems. Brain science!

Brain fitness works to improve every brain just like body fitness works to improve every body. If you do the proper exercises often enough and with enough commitment, you can’t help but experience change.

What is it?

Look to the list below.  Click on the subject to learn more about the issue and what’s needed to correct the challenges.

What do you do now?

Our learning abilities assessment is critical in order to determine which program is best suited for your child. We are not only looking at his or her strengths and weaknesses, but also personality. A child who gives up easily will need a different program than a child who rises to every challenge. During the assessment we look for things like: frustration tolerance, sense of humour, perseverance, oppositional defiance, eager to please, attention span, behaviour, etc. From our years of experience with these programs, we can pretty easily determine which programs would be too much of a challenge resulting in a bad experience, and which programs will change your child’s life.

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Please phone us to discuss the assessment and programs: (604) 539-1386.

Attention: Out of town clients. If you are not able to come to our Langley office for an assessment, we can proceed without it. You would need to send us Psycho-Ed Assessments, Speech and Language Assessments, and any other assessments that have been done. You will also need to complete a few of our checklists and participate in a telephone meeting.

Call us toll-free at 1-855-539-1386 (in Canada) or at (604) 539-1386.