When you think of tutoring you are probably thinking of “academic tutoring.” Academic tutoring is teaching, often done by teachers as a part-time job. Your child already receives lots of teaching at school and you probably help with homework. Is more “teaching” the solution to the learning problems?

Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein


Academic tutoring is great when the student is struggling with a very specific thing. We frequently receive inquiries from high school students looking for help with Grade 10, 11, or 12 math. Hey, Grade 10 math is tough and I can understand the need for some help now and again.

It’s a completely different story when kids in elementary school have to go to extensive tutoring just to keep up with their daily classwork. If they are not able to learn the material in class and with a bit of homework in elementary grades, what is high school going to look like? Tutoring is not the solutions… brain fitness is.

Brain training, or brain fitness programs, strengthen the thinking skills that are causing the problems.

Brain Fitness Programs

All of our programs strengthen cognitive skills. These include:

  • processing speed
  • working memory
  • auditory processing
  • attention
  • phonological processing
  • and so much more!

Learn more about how our brain fitness programs are different from tutoring. Be sure to read about our assessments to determine which program is best for your child.