IMPORTANT: Fast ForWord is a family of programs. Some of the programs have been renamed through the years. They are still the same, just better, and with new names.

  • Language is now Foundations I
  • Language to Reading is now Foundations II
  • Literacy is now Elements I
  • Literacy Advanced is now Elements II


2009 Fast ForWord Research Summary

Access To Reading: The Language To Literacy Link

Adding Ten Minutes of Reading

Bulloch Improved Academic Achievement

California Standards Test

Computer based tutor performs like an experienced teacher

Deficits in auditory temporal and spectral resolution in language-impaired children

Does Fast ForWord Provide Implicit Grammar Instruction?

Four Case Studies

Improved Language and Reading Grainger School District

Impact-Study Reading Fluency Gains after Reading Assistant

Improved Language Skills by Children with Low Reading

Improvements In Language Abilities With Training Of Children With Both Attentional and Language Impairments

Improvements in Language Abilities

India Study

Iowa and Nevada Departments of Education

Language Comprehension in Language Learning Impaired Children Improved

Modification Of Auditory Temporal Processing Thresholds In Language-Based

Modified Speech For Training Language-Based Learning Disabled Children

NCII-Reviews NCRTI Reviews Fast ForWord Language Series

Overview of Reading Progress Indicator Correlation Studies

Pottstown School District Study

Rapid Training Driven Improvement In Language Ability In Autistic And Other PDD Children

Reading Verification Improvements

Recognizing and Treating Children with Central Auditory Processing Disorders

Scientifically Based Reading


The Relationship Between ADHD and Language Learning Impairments

Training Exercises Improve Temporal Processing Abilities In Language-Based Learning Disabled Children (LLDs)

Training Exercises Improve Temporal Processing Abilities

Training With Temporally Modified Speech Results In Dramatic Improvements In


Ash Creek AZ Case Study

Aucoin Case Study

Franklin City OH Case Study

Fremont MI Case Study

Goochland Close Reading Gap Case Study

Hartselle Case Study

Hebron KY Case Study

Highlandsview VA Case Study

Hoke County Case Study

Lafayette Parish Case Study

Murray County Case Study

Perkins Tryon Case Study

Ryan Elementary MI Case Study

Salk Middle School Case Study

St. Mary Parish Public School System Case Study

Starkville Case Study

Ware County Case Study

Westwood TN Case Study

Wyman Dyslexia Case Study


Carson Success Story

Willie Success Story

Mia Success Story

Josie B Success Story

Jason Success Story

DJ Gold Success Story

David Success Story

Chris C Success Story