Parents Happy with Samonas Auditory Intervention

Samonas Auditory Intervention helped our daughter in many ways. The most significant change that we and her teacher noticed was her ability to stay on task and be distracted less easily. Her math and reading have improved and are age appropriate now. She no longer needs learning support for her reading. She has a favourite CD that she uses to calm herself after she has had a long and tiring day at school. She calls it her “hug” CD. It really calms her and prevents any emotional meltdowns. My husband and I feel that putting her through this program was very beneficial for her and plan to put both of our other children through also. Lisa and Ross are a great support and work hard to individualize each program for each child.

We just wanted to say thank you for all your help. The two of you made our family feel very comfortable, you helped explain what our son was dealing with and made us understand how to support him. You truly have a great way with children and make them feel important. I would also like to share our story with others; I think it is important for us as parents to follow our instincts when it comes to our children. I am glad I did. I have felt for a while my son was having some difficulties with reading and spelling. The teachers always assured me he was fine and to just keep practicing with him. Deep down I knew there was something more.

I came to Accomplished Learning Centre because one day I was in my son’s Grade 2 class (parent helper) and the students had to write a story on their Favourite Place. The teacher took about 20 minutes to explain what they were to do and how they were to do it, and sent them back to their desks to begin. About 10 minutes into the half-hour time limit they had I looked over at my son. His face was so red and his eyes were filled with tears and when he saw me looking at him the tears started to flow. He started crying, “I can’t do this! I don’t know what to do.”  Going over to him and seeing that the only things written on his paper were his name and the date, I wanted to cry! I knew something was just not right. That day I called Accomplished Learning Centre. Rylie was tested a couple of weeks later. His problem areas were Auditory Analysis, Logic and Reasoning, and Selective Attention.

We began Samonas Auditory Intvervention at ALC in the beginning of November 2005. We started noticing little things within the first couple of weeks and it only got better as time went on. He actually wanted to read, it wasn’t a fight anymore. He will not try to sound out words. His spelling was improving, he had this new look in his eye, “Hey, I can do this!”

Well, about ten weeks later I was back in my son’s class helping out. That day the students had to write four to five sentences on their feelings about a story the teacher just read to them. I was scared to look and see how Rylie was doing. When I did look over he called me over (I thought “Oh, no.”) but to my surprise he was already working on his fourth sentence and just wanted help spelling a word. I was so happy!

We have completed our 12-week Samonas program and the changes we see in Rylie just amaze us, not only in his reading, writing and spelling but his self-esteem has improved, his attitude has changed greatly. He has balance now as before he was very clumsy. He can actually stay focused on one thing for longer than a minute. He has self-respect and is not afraid to try new things anymore; he has grown so much in these past 12 weeks. Thank you, Ross and Lisa. Your support and encouragement have made a world of difference in our son’s life.

We entered the Samonas Auditory Intervention program as we saw a big slide in academics at the start of Grade 4. Sean was experiencing huge frustration at home and failures in class. Within two days of starting Samonas, all temper outbursts stopped completely. He developed insight into how he was feeling and was able to put the frustration into words and avert any outbursts. Our home is completely a happy place again. Sean’s relationship with his sisters is better. His social skills has increased + + +. Unfortunately we have seen little change in academics but we strongly feel that the results we have seen in behaviour was worth the time and month spent.

Our son’s self-confidence has improved so that he thinks he can achieve things and so he does. Baseball: he is now hitting the ball consistently. Track: he is saying he has lots of endurance and he keeps practicing and so he does have more endurance. He carries himself taller as well.

When Shawna started the Samonas Auditory Intervention program she had just received her report card for Grade 2 (almost all 2’s and some 1’s). She was continuing to have difficulties in joining in group activities, was not participating fully in gym, and would completely shut down if singled out (even if positively) or upset in any way. Academically she is very bright but was not showing this to her teachers. Her paediatrician stated she was emotionally immature. The schools could not help her without any diagnosis. She was not able to finish work at school on time or else “forgot” to bring home her planner and assigned homework. Midway through the program, Shawna’s Interim Report was showing improvement and the teacher happily said Shawna was participating more, she was not shutting down much and her work was being handed in. Now, at the end of Samonas, her report card came home with almost all 3’s and yesterday her teacher said Shawna was even putting up her hand to answer questions. Amazing changes in 12 weeks from what Shawna has experienced since preschool.

Thomas has shown a great improvement in his auditory processing along with many other improvements. At school Thomas had problems following directions in gym to many games but now he is right in there and his gym teacher is amazed! In the classroom he is grasping concepts better. He wants to do things “by himself” at school and his anxiety is very rare now. His attention has improved and his printing went from a “2 – barely meeting expectations” in November to a “4 – exceeding expectations” in his March report card (No extra practicing at home!). He is very talkative now and is a joy to be with. He also takes his time with his work as before he would rush through it. His social skills have really emerged now too. There has been a very positive effect with the Samonas program on Thomas. My only regret is not having done this sooner! Thank you so much Ross and Lisa. (Child diagnosed ASD)

Dear parents in need of help,

My 7 year old daughter has always been spirited! Her temperament traits are as follows:

  • Activity level = high
  • Intensity = high
  • Sensitivity = high (labels scratching, socks crumpled, a slight graze is a BIG deal!)
  • First Reaction = positive reaction to new people or things
  • Adaptability = low (finds it difficult when plans change)
  • Mood = fairly positive, lots of smiles and is outgoing, complains and whines frequently
  • Persistence = fairly low, wants to quit if not successful quickly
  • Distractibility = high
  • Rhythmicity = fairly low (finds routines hard to follow and has unpredictable behaviour)

In kindergarten her aggression escalated and over the past three years she has become verbally aggressive and physically aggressive towards myself (mom) and her dad. In October of 2006 her aggressive explosions (mainly at night time) were 5-6 days per week. She was extremely non-compliant and would try to negotiate and manipulate situations endlessly.

She would scream and yell and threaten to run away and on one occasion threatened to kill herself by putting a chair underneath her bedroom window and jump out! Her frustration and anxiety levels were constantly heightened despite having a loving, stable and predictable family and home life.

Most of her behaviours were kept privately within the home and not displayed publicly, therefore friends and family that spent time with her could not understand (or believe) that she was capable of behaving so irrationally and physically.

I had exhausted every avenue I thought possible to provide her with the best parenting, however I was constantly left feeling defeated and at times inadequate even as an Early Childhood Educator with much knowledge and education. There was also strain being placed on our family unit. The energy she consumed from myself and her dad left very little for her older sibling, who at times expressed sadness and frustration at mom and dad always “dealing” with her sister.

The Samonas program has provided my daughter with “hope.” It has strengthened her mind, body, and spirit. It has reconnected us with our daughter.

The changes I have observed in my daughter after completing the prescribed (12 week) program are:

  • Increased self-regulation
  • Lower frustration
  • Lower anxiety
  • Ability to complete daily tasks without too much guidance
  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Very rarely does she become physically aggressive towards myself or her dad
  • Expresses her feelings appropriately
  • Increase in her logic and reasoning
  • She has become more affectionate towards myself and her dad
  • Increased communication, listening and cooperation
  • Less negative self-talk

I love that she can take responsibility for her actions and behaviour more willingly, and her empathy is growing! She would often say that she doesn’t know why she “does inappropriate behaviour.” Now she says, “I am frustrated!”

The nighttime bed routine has really improved. The anticipated bedtime explosions are few and far between and can be defused quickly without the tears, hitting, and yelling.

Samonas is not a miracle… It is a powerful but non-invasive vehicle to help children become the best they can be. Samonas has strengthened my daughter’s inner-voice… and she feels heard.

Samonas has become a huge part of my daughter’s life! She will continue listening so she can continue to grow and strengthen her newfound skills!


A happy mom!