Let us help you grow your Fast ForWord business!

My husband Ross and I put over 150 children through our learning centre every year.  Over 100 of those kids do Fast ForWord and the rest do The Listening Program, Interactive Metronome, and/or PACE (Processing And Cognitive Enhancement).

Most of our 100 Fast ForWord kids come to our learning centre for six to nine months, five times per week where they do 50-minute protocols.  If they were doing it at home, most of these kids would be fighting with their parents about doing Fast ForWord.  Doing it with us, they rarely argue.  Most even enjoy it.  And the cognitive and reading gains achieved are amazing!

The business is very profitable, we take 7 weeks of vacation each year, and we have no staff.

We want to teach you how to help 100 kids per year get on with a better life.

Come join us for a week of learning and laughing.

We would love to have you as our guests.  You will job shadow us for a week seeing everything we do and learning all our secrets.

  • You will live in the guest suite in our condo.
  • We will supply all your meals and snacks, and we’ll enjoy some wine together in the evening while we continue the training through conversation.
  • At work, you will sit in on everything!
  • Listen in on phone calls from people making inquiries.  Learn how we get them to bring their child for an assessment.
  • Sit in on Parent Consultations so you can learn why they so want to bring their child to us.
  • Sit with kids as they are using their Fast ForWord programs.  Most days we have six or seven of the programs being used in our computer lab.
  • We will show you, and teach you how to use, the collection of intervention tools that we’ve developed over the past 10 years.  And, we will give them to you so you can use them also.
  • You will listen in on phone calls to the parents of our students who do Fast ForWord at home.
  • We will show you how we interpret the Fast ForWord reports and determine when and what interventions are needed.
  • You will learn the techniques we use to keep kids motivated, both in our centre and at home.
  • We will be completely candid with respect to our pricing structure for Fast ForWord and all our programs.
  • You will see all the other programs we offer and learn why they are also necessary for many of these children.
  • And we’ll even take you sightseeing if you stay over for one or both weekends.

This one week will propel you into the future by many years!  It took us hundreds of children struggling with Sky Gym, Houndini, Leaping Lizards, and Hog Hat Zone for us to invent and re-invent tools to help them develop the skills to be learned through those programs (not just pass the levels).

If you want to build your Fast ForWord business–faster, bigger, more profitable–come join us for a week of hands-on learning.

Please phone me, Lisa Pearson, to discuss pricing, timing, and any questions you may have.  Phone: (604) 539-1386.


September 15, 2019

From Yvonne Oliviera, M.Cl.Sc., SLP(C), Aud., Cert AVT, Reg. CASLPO

One week ago we met for the first time….strangers essentially.

One week later after an intensive training in their amazing facility, we are leaving as wonderful friends!

Lisa and Ross Pearson at Accomplished Learning Centres Ltd. are phenomenal at what they do! I have never learned so much about auditory processing, brain plasticity, and literacy as I did from them! Totally phenomenal week! I cannot wait to bring this all back home to incorporate into my own clinic! Their love and dedication to the children and families that they serve is absolutely evident in every way! ❤️

Not only did they teach me a ton, mentoring me all week….but they were our chefs, hostesses, provided all our meals and accommodations, then acted as our tour guides taking us to water falls, mountains and Whistler! All this and they welcomed Sean to be with me the entire time!

One week later leaving as colleagues and friends! ❤️❤️

Thank you so very very much Lisa and Ross!