Too far away for your child to attend our Langley facility?  Why not do Fast ForWord at home?

If you and your child can’t come to us, do Fast ForWord at home.

Here’s our deal for the first child in your family:

  • Online assessments.  Pre-tests, post-tests, and testing at regular intervals throughout the program as needed.  These assessments enable us to determine program placement and see improvements in reading and learning abilities.
  • Canadian Currency:  $500 per month or prepay $1200 for 3 months and pay just $400 per month thereafter.
  • US Currency:  $400 per month or prepay $899 for 3 months and pay just $300 per month thereafter.
  • Support.  Unlimited telephone and email support.  Free access to a wide assortment of support materials to help overcome tough spots that may occur.
  • Unlimited access.  The Fast ForWord games are available to you 24/7 in the comfort of your own home.
  • Protocols.  Set up for 30-, 40-, 50-, or 90-minutes per day.  And you can even do them twice a day!  Get as much out of the programs (and us!) as you want.
  • Detailed reports.  You receive reports daily so that you can keep up on how your child is doing.  In a 30-60 minute phone call, you will be trained in how to understand them and how to use them to maximize your child’s Fast ForWord experience at home.
  • No contract.  Cancel at any time.  No cancellation fees!  No long term commitment.
  • Risk-free trial.  If it turns out that doing Fast ForWord at home isn’t a good fit for your child, cancel and you’ll only pay for the sessions used.
  • Sibling Special:  The second child is 1/2 price!

Phone for more information or to get your child started today!  Call 604.539.1386.

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