Dyslexia no longer needs to be a lifelong sentence. It can be corrected! Neuroscience has come a long way in the last fifteen years since fMRI technology made it possible to watch brains read. Old beliefs about dyslexia have been proven false and increasingly better methods for correcting it are being invented and perfected. At ALC, for over a decade we have been improving—and even completely correcting—dyslexia in over 100 children each year. Usually it can be resolved in as little as three to nine months.

Following are PDF files filled with great information about dyslexia and its correction.

Inside the Letterbox:  How Literacy Transforms the Human Brain by Stanislas Dehaene, Ph.D.  Researcher and author of “The Reading Brain” and “The Number Sense.”

Chapter 3: Redesigning the Brain from “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge, M.D.  This chapter discusses the history and science behind the Fast ForWord programs.

fMRI Research on Dyslexic Children’s Brains from Stanford University.

Rapid Auditory Processing Study from the Center for Molecular & Behavioural Neuroscience, Rutgers University.

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