Attention is a trainable skill!

You wouldn’t attempt to teach a child to swim by throwing him off the back of the boat, yelling “Swim!”  As he sinks to the bottom of the lake someone says, “See, I told you he was lazy and unmotivated.”

Telling a kid to “pay attention” when he doesn’t know how is almost exactly like the above example.

Swimming is a trainable skill and so is attention.  To learn to swim you need water because you need to learn how to float.  Learning to ride a bike requires a bike because you need to learn how to balance on two wheels in motion.  In order to to learn to pay attention also requires a tool.

Attention Training Tools

Our favourite tool for attention training is Interactive Metronome.  15 one-hour sessions (3-5 times per week) can completely change a kid’s life.  In as little as three weeks, your child could be doing so much better in school, sports, and in life.  Interactive Metronome can be done in our Langley or Abbotsford offices or you can do it in your home with IM-Home.

We use Interactive Metronome with kids who are just struggling a bit with focus, those diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and even those with ADHD including severe hyperactivity.

Want to know more?  Click here to read research and be sure to watch the great video on the importance of timing in the brain.

Interactive Metronome isn’t the best tool for everyone.  So we have a selection of other programs that also help develop attention and focusing skills.

If you live near enough, you will certainly want to access our assessment and parent consultation as they will enable us to determine which program is best for your child.

Find out if Interactive Metronome, IM-Home, or one of our other programs is a good fit for your child by calling us at (604)539-1386.