The Listening Program (TLP) from Advanced Brain Technologies

The Listening Program is a music listening therapy that provides brain stimulation to improve performance in school, work and life.


TLP Spectrum and Waves Bone Conduction

TLP Spectrum is one of the new programs from Advanced Brain Technologies.

Watch the video of our client Ethan and his dad. It will give you a glimpse into how powerful this program is. We have seen huge improvements in children with auditory processing disorder, language disorders, learning disabilities, dyslexia, reading disabilities, sensory processing disorder, and so much more. Many of our clients live with Autism Spectrum Disorder and we’ve seen significant changes with that population. This program is suitable for sensitive listeners.

TLP Spectrum comes on an iPod. It contains 200 15-minute tracks of beautiful music. Five minutes of each track has been filtered so that sound stimulation is targeted at fairly specific areas of the brain. The tracks are broken down into categories: Full Spectrum, Sensory Integration, Speech and Language, and High Spectrum. After the initial two weeks of Full Spectrum, Sensory Integration tracks are used daily in combination with the other tracks. These clients need that physical element.

The Waves bone conduction amplifier and headphones ensures that the child cannot shut down his or her hearing, and will get the full benefit of each session.

Study: Neural Mechanisms Involved in Hypersensitive Hearing: Helping Children with ASD Who are Overly Sensitive to Sounds.

TLP Achieve

TLP Achieve is great for children and adults who want to increase their abilities in: auditory processing, executive function, communication, creative expression, and personal development. It is also good for those who want to increase energy, musicality, motivation, and self awareness.

Whereas Spectrum deals with the physical sensitivities of the listener, Achieve spends more time on the Speech and Language components. These areas improve communication and understanding. Can’t we all benefit from better skills in these areas?

The Listening Program (TLP)

We still offer the original The Listening Program (Level 1) in a variety of options.