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Gibson Cognitive Test Battery:

  • Long-Term Memory – The ability to store information and fluently retrieve it later in the process of thinking.
  • Working Memory – The ability to hold information in immediate awareness while performing a mental operation on it.
  • Visual Processing – The ability to perceive, analyze, and synthesize visual patterns, including the ability to store and recall visual images.
  • Logic & Reasoning – The ability to reason, form concepts, and solve problems using unfamiliar information or novel procedures.
  • Processing Speed – The ability to perform cognitive tasks, particularly when measured under pressure to maintain focused attention.
  • Auditory Processing- Phonemic Awareness, the ability to analyze and manipulate speech sounds; crucial underlying skill for reading and spelling.
  • English Word Attack – The knowledge of, and application of, sound codes in order to pronounce unknown words.
  • Attention Cluster – A composite score of sustained and selective attention skills representing the ability to focus and stay on task.
  • Composite IQ – A composite score of six core cognitive skills representing overall cognitive ability.

Reading Progress Indicator

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Decoding
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

Both assessments for just $250 including a 7 page detailed report.

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