My grandson has Autism. What can be done to help him learn?

Where does learning happen? In the brain, of course. So to improve learning, one needs to improve the brain. This is done through a processes called neuroplasticity (neuro=brain, plasticity=changeability).

Autism is a neurological (brain) disorder. Although it is as unique as every person with it, science has identified many areas in the brain that are especially weak in people with autism. Most of these areas can be strengthened with specialized brain training. When the brain is improved, changes are seen in learning, behaviour, attention, receptive and expressive language, social skills, physical sensitivities, and even affection.

Unfortunately, too many children with autism never do programs for changing the brain.  Their time and energies are focussed on behaviour modification and coping strategies.  Improper behaviours are a symptom and they tend to improve significantly when the child can think better.

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