Want That New Year’s Resolution to Stick? Train Your Brain!

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Most of the time, our brains are running on autopilot. This is a good thing when you’re making your morning coffee or driving to work. After all, if you had put conscious thought into every minute of every task, you’d be stuck in planning mode, monitoring your every action. But what about the new habits we’re trying to form?

It’s easy for our resolutions to be derailed: Research says that new habits, especially intense ones (like implementing a new gym routine), take around 84 days to form. So how do you get your New Year’s resolutions to stick?

One way is to make those new habits run on autopilot: Do the same thing the same way, day after day, so that you’re no longer thinking about it. Trying to incorporate the gym into your life “when you have free time” is difficult, because something else more fun can always fill that free time. Instead, go to the gym at the same time every day. Put your shoes by the door to trigger your brain for gym time. Fit it into your routine so that the new habit becomes an important part of your daily routine. Train your brain so that the new behavior starts to feel automatic!


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