At Accomplished Learning Centre we specialize in reading instruction.  Using only proven methods, we are able to achieve results unheard of with other programs.

Sound to Code:

Sound to Code methods more closely resemble how typical readers read.  Instruction starts with the sounds that rarely change like m, n, t, s, l, k, p, and additional sounds are added as the child masters each set.  It is practically foolproof because, using this method of introducing new words, almost all can be “sounded out” whereas analytic phonics methods involve the memorization of hundreds of sight words.

Sound to Code methods are also called “explicit”  (stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt) or “synthetic” (to blend, formed by combining), or systematic (taught following a system of building upon previously learned sounds/letters).

At Accomplished Learning we have been using these methods since 2004 with fantastic results.

We are certified in Master the Code and Jolly Phonics, and follow the methods recommended in the book “Overcoming Dyslexia,” by Sally Shaywitz, M.D., and the book “Why Our Children Can’t Read and What We Can Do About It,” by Diane McGuinness, Ph.D., and others.

We use specialized decodable books that build upon each other in an orderly phonetic fashion.  They can be sounded out and do not rely on the memorization of sight words.

In most cases the child will achieve or surpass his or her grade level within 6 to 9 months.  We have done this with struggling readers and even those diagnosed dyslexia, reading disorders, intellectual disabilities, and autism.  For us, it is easy to achieve these results.

One hour sessions are $35-$60 including all supplies and books.