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Filling in the Gaps

Traditional math tutors can be great when a child gets a bit behind in math or needs extra help in understanding a very complicated concept.  (My son needed one for a few weeks in Grade 10 and then again in Grade 12.)

But a math tutor may not be quite as helpful when there are more serious problems, especially when they involve years of accumulated holes or gaps in math knowledge.  This is often the case with kids who have had chronic math problems, and may be on IEPs (Individualized Education Plans), modified programs, or who have learning disabilities.

When there are holes in math knowledge, it can be difficult if not impossible to learn math. (If you don’t understand division, you can’t really understand fractions let alone algebra.)  At Accomplished Learning Centre, we believe in going beyond traditional math tutoring by identifying the gaps and filling them in while also developing the cognitive deficits.

Assessing the situation:

  1. Our cognitive assessment alerts us to what may be the root cause of math difficulties and how that is to be corrected.  Weaknesses in working memory, visual processing, logic and reasoning, attention, listening, and other “thinking” abilities are usually at the root of why the child is struggling in math.  These are trainable skills!  SUMMER SPECIAL – FREE!
  2. The quick yet thorough math assessment will determine the level of math proficiency and what gaps exist.  SUMMER SPECIAL – FREE!

Solving the problem:

At Accomplished Learning Centre, your child can overcome math problems by having all the holes filled in while developing the cognitive skills that are weak and getting in the way.

A math tutor may not be enough

Traditional math tutors focus on helping the child with that week’s homework.  There isn’t time to identify gaps, let alone fill them.  And a traditional math tutor certainly doesn’t know how to develop cognitive skills.

Practice, practice, practice

New skills need to be practiced until they are mastered. (Practice makes permanent!)  It is far more effective to practice with fun computer games than with pen and paper.  The computer program provides instant feedback and constant adaptability (not to mention fun).  We keep the child on task and motivated to work hard with a little help from our contests, treasure chests, stickers, pins, and awards).

That’s what we offer.

Our Math Tutoring Program

Math students attend 2 to 5 times per week for one-hour sessions.  Under the supervision of a math tutor, the student plays computer games.  The programs quickly identify what your child does and does not know, and present materials to train your child in those topics.  The programs provide the opportunity for fast and thorough practice of concepts in an entertaining way that keeps the child engaged and motivated.  (We have a number of programs that we use.  It is important to fit each child with the most appropriate program.  Also, some children may benefit by using two or more programs each session, in order to provide a fuller learning experience.)

The data is extremely detailed and enables us to monitor your child’s progress in such a thorough way that would never be possible with a traditional math tutor. Then, when necessary, we can take your child aside and work one-on-one to get over the hurdles immediately as they are encountered.

Pen and paper is slow and boring but computer games are much more fun.  Being “taught” about a math topic can be slow, boring, possibly embarrassing, and can be quickly forgotten.  Learning by doing it on the computer is fun and fast.  The program constantly tests for retention of knowledge and moves toward developing automaticity rather than mere memorization.

If the initial assessment indicates significant cognitive deficits also, the program should be combined with Fast ForWord, possibly in 1.5 hour sessions. Save 10% when you do this!

Cost Effective

Kids attend 2 to 5 times per week.  Sessions are purchased in blocks of 20 sessions at $35 per one-hour session.  Buy 40 sessions and SAVE 5%.  Buy 60 sessions and SAVE 10%.

Fast ForWord is the same price as Math Tutor PLUS.  Combine them for 90-minute sessions at $47.25 each – another savings of 10%.


You pick the times and days you want to bring your child.  We are open Monday to Friday, noon to 8 pm.  During the summer we are open 4 days per week, 10 am to 8 pm.  Summer Schedule 2015 PDF.

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