At Accomplished Learning Centre we offer Fast ForWord in three options:

  1. In our office in downtown Langley (Open until 8 pm weekdays)
  2. A combination of your home and our office
  3. Distance Program, if you can’t come to us at all

Read this great newspaper article about one of our former students. Also, read these testimonials.  Don’t miss the one from a mom — after only 11 days!

Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is a family of 10 online computer programs designed by neuroscientists. These programs are designed to improve the learning, language, and reading abilities of school-aged children. Fast ForWord is an ideal tool for kids who are struggling in school, including those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD or ADHD, intellectual disabilities, and cognitive deficits.

The programs look like games. What kid doesn’t like computer games? See these demos and these demos.

The Fast ForWord games strengthen Learning MAPS:

  • Memory: you can’t learn if you can’t remember
  • Attention: you can’t learn if you aren’t paying attention
  • Processing speed: you must process language and information fast enough for it to make sense
  • Sequencing: things need to be in the right order, not random

Learning MAPS are the foundational skills necessary for school learning.

This video does a good job of showing what Fast ForWord does to the brain!

Auditory Learning is absolutely necessary for school success

Perhaps you’ve been told that your child is a visual or kinesthetic learner, or has a different learning style. This is because his or her auditory abilities are weak. They must be strong in order to be successful in a classroom, university lecture hall, and the workforce.

How do children in a classroom learn? Through receptive language. Receptive language is “receiving” language: hearing and reading. How do they prove they learned the material? Through expressive language: speaking or writing.

The Fast ForWord “games” strengthen auditory processing, receptive and expressive language, while giving a really good all-around brain workout.

The Fast ForWord family of programs are designed for different ages and needs.

Schedule and Pricing (except for the distance program)

Sessions are purchased in blocks of 20 or 60.  One-hour sessions are $35 or $45 each.  The $45 price is for children who also require our one-on-one training in reading, printing and/or cursive handwriting.  Save 10% when you pre-pay for 60 sessions.

Our programs qualify for Autism Funding and, for a limited time, we are offering 0% interest for one year OAC.

Scientific Learning Corporation

The Fast ForWord family of products are the creation of four neuroscientists. When their work brought them together, they realized the incredible need of so many children and that they had the knowledge to enhance the lives of these struggling students. They formed Scientific Learning and began developing these incredible software programs. Read the full story.  Read about it in The Brain That Changes Itself.

Three Options for Doing Fast ForWord

1. Fast ForWord at Accomplished Learning Centre

The student works on Fast ForWord in the computer lab in our Langley office. For most kids this is the best alternative. It is usually easier for us to keep your child on task in our environment than for you to do it in your home.  Here the kids are available for one-on-one reading, support, and assessments. Not only are they pre- and post-tested, but additional assessments can be done as needed so that we can fine-tune their programs to their needs.

Incentives are an important part of keeping anyone motivated (you wouldn’t go to work if there wasn’t a paycheque every week or two). Our incentives include:

  • A treasure chest full of dollar-store items that kids love to get! These include marbles, cars, whoopie cushions (come on, they’re fun!), jewellery, and other things worth working for.
  • A weekly contest. Kids earn entry forms by getting levels, beating high scores, or putting in extra effort (in measurable ways).
  • A giant-sized treasure chest with bigger prizes including footballs, board games, stuffed animals, and more. Each week several kids win trips to this chest.
  • And more! We have stickers, pencils, tattoos, and many more small items that the children receive for effort, attitude, and accomplishments.

2. Fast ForWord On-Site/Off-Site Combination

This is the most popular method for people in the Lower Mainland outside of Langley or when scheduling is especially difficult. The student does Fast ForWord at home some of the time and attends sessions at ALC sometimes. Students have access to pre- and post-testing, and additional assessments and resources as needed.

3. Fast ForWord Off-Site

Fast ForWord is now on-line. Students do the programs at home while our staff monitor daily progress over the internet and provide support by email and telephone. This is most suitable for people who are too far away to ever attend the learning centre in person, or if family schedules make regular attendance difficult. See: Distance Program

Largest Provider in Canada

As Canada’s largest provider of Fast ForWord we can offer a number of  options to suit your lifestyle and goals. We are experienced in offering the Fast ForWord family of programs to children and adults, those we see regularly in our computer lab, or those we never meet face-to-face.

More Information

The Reading Brain (video)

Dr. Michael Merzenich on Autism (video)

Dr. Steven Miller on Fast ForWord research (video)

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Dr. Michael Merzenich on brain plasticity (video)

Study shows improved auditory attention and early reading skills after Fast ForWord intervention (video)

“Gold Standard Study” shows significant gains in language and literacy skills after using Fast ForWord (video)

Learn about the scientists who founded Scientific Learning and developed the Fast ForWord. Dr. Michael Merzenich’s blog is fabulous:

Go to Scientific Learning’s website at

Watch a great video about Willie Brown and Fast ForWord. Be sure to also watch Fast ForWord has made me a more confident learner.

What’s Next


Contact Accomplished Learning Centre to book an assessment to determine if Fast ForWord is the most suitable program for your child’s specific needs. It will also help determine which of the Fast ForWord products are needed and where to begin. Questions?  Phone 604.539.1386 and speak with the owners of Accomplished Learning Centre, Lisa and Ross Pearson.


Don’t worry if you can’t come in for an assessment. We even have assessments that can be done on-line. Call Lisa or Ross at 604.539-1386 or 1.855.539.1386 to discuss your child’s situation.