Fast Forward Reading Program

Fast Forward and Fast ForWord are both available at Accomplished Learning Centres. They have similar names but are actually very different from each other. This page is dedicated to the Fast Forward Reading program. The other one, Fast ForWord, is probably what you are looking for.

Fast Forward is one element of Frank Belgau’s Learning Breakthrough Program. We usually use Fast Forward in conjunction with or following completion of other reading programs (Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant, and Master the Code). It is just one more way we provide for readers to practice reading in order to develop their abilities in the areas of word attack, word identification, pronunciation, comprehension, and vocabulary building.

With Fast Forward, the student reads books while listening to the book on tape. Using a special tape recorder, the speed can be slowed down or increased as needed. ALC has a considerable library of Fast Forward books and their book-on-tape partners for children, teens and adults. With a special adapter, up to eight people can have their headphone plugged in at the same time and can read the Fast Forward books simultaneously. Because of this, the program can be very cost effective.