Neuroplasticity at any age

Neuroplasticity Programs

Oxford Dictionary:

noun: neuroplasticity; noun: neuro-plasticity
  1. the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.
    “neuroplasticity offers real hope to everyone from stroke victims to dyslexics”

Neuroplasticy programs could be compared to physical fitness programs.  Physical exercise strengthens and builds your body–brain exercise strengthens and builds your brain.  Physical exercise is beneficial for every body, to maintain fitness levels or to improve a little or a lot. Brain training programs are good for every brain! They strengthen weak areas in the brain, much like physiotherapy or personal trainers help strengthen and improve weak areas in your body.

Most of the following brain training/neuroplasticity programs can be done by adults and children, online in your home or in-person if you live near us. These programs are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their brain, though we do work primarily with school-aged children who are struggling in school.  These children may be gray-area kids (just a little behind, not on the teacher’s radar) or those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, language disabilities, intellectual disabilities, auditory processing disorder, ADHD, and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our Programs

Following is a list of the neuroplasticity programs we offer. The list can seem overwhelming but our assessment (online or in-person) will help determine which program is best for you or your child.  Also, don’t hesitate to call us at (604) 539-1836 to discuss your child’s specific challenges. Often the assessment isn’t required to determine program suitability.

Carnegie Learning/Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord Family of Products

Fast ForWord – This is one of our most popular neuroplasticity programs. Neuroscientists developed these online game-like computer programs for children (Grades K-12) and adults. These scientific evidence-based programs are backed by over 300 studies proving the neuroplastic changes of over 3 MILLION users. These programs improve reading, math, learning, attention, memory, thinking, and so much more from the comfort of your home.  One of the four neuroscientists who created these programs is Michael Merzenich, affectionately known as “The Father of Neuroplasticity.”  You can read about him and Fast ForWord in The Brain That Changes Itself (PDF). Michael Merzenich is also the brain behind Stronger Brains, BrainHQ (for aging brains), and the cochlear implant. He is the author of Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life.

Executive Functioning, Social Emotional – ages 10-18+

Stronger Brains – Another brain child of The Father of Neuroplasticity himself, Dr. Michael Merzenich. This scientific, evidence-based program is designed for teens and tweens, and their special cognitive, social, and emotional needs. For years, we at Accomplished Learning Centre have been wishing there were a teen-friendly version of Merzenich’s BrainHQ (for older brains). Well it is finally here. A version of BrainHQ has been modified to make the games more attractive to a younger age group, reporting is now available so we and the parents can keep on top of the program implementation to ensure the teen/tween is doing what needs to be done, and other new elements help round out the cognitive, social and emotional needs of this age group. You can read about BrainHQ (formerly called The Brain Fitness program) in The Brain That Changes Itself (PDF).

Attention Training for kids with attention issues or ADHD

Interactive Metronome and IM-Home – Interactive Metronome is a research-backed tool proven to help!  We know that, like any parent, you want the best for your child.  No matter how big he gets he’ll always be your baby.  But he can’t focus and is falling behind in school.  He’s smart and you know he can do better.  It is like he just isn’t paying attention sometimes.  You don’t want him to lose his confidence during these formative years.  If you are looking for a scientifically proven way to help your child be their best academically, socially and athletically, it is about TIME…well, more specifically, TIMING.  How Does IM Work? PDF

Use your voice to boost your brain!

Forbrain (click here to save 10%) –  Kids love it! Great for ages 3 to 103 for just 15 minutes per day. * Speech-language Disorders * Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorders * Dyslexia * Attention Disorders * Learning Disabilities * Autism Spectrum Disorders * Brain injuries and brain diseases * See the Forbrain brochure and save 10%.

Processing And Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) and Master the Code, by Learning Rx

The PACE Program – One-on-one brain training gets to the root of the problem.  Brain training doesn’t teach or reteach information (like tutoring does).  It improves how the brain grasps, remembers and uses that information.  Even better, the improvements are lasting.  That means brain training improves how the brain thinks, learns and remembers.  And not for a single class or academic year, but for every class and in every area of life from now on.  This program is the cream-of-the-crop for children with dyslexia, autism, intellectual disabilities, brain injury, or auditory processing disorder.

Master the Code – Master the Code is a “sound-to-code” (aka systematic, explicit, synthetic phonics) reading program modeled after the process by which spoken language is first learned.  The program builds reading and spelling skills concurrently through techniques that train students to accurately recognize and understand letters and letter combinations, and the corresponding sounds of speech.  The program aids individuals who struggle with reading, who have developed inefficient or inaccurate reading habits. Read Understanding and Solving the Reading Crisis in America.

Advanced Brain Technologies

The Listening Program, TLP Spectrum, and TLP Achieve – The brain is musical; neuroscience has proven through functional brain imaging that when we listen to music, virtually the whole brain is involved.  Music listening not only involves the auditory areas of the brain, but also engages large-scale neural networks including: prefrontal cortex, motor cortex, sensory cortex, auditory cortex, visual cortex, cerebellum, hippocampus, amygdala, nucleus accumbens, corpus callosum, autonomic nervous system, vestibular system, and the intrinsic nervous system.  The Listening Program music helps conduct the neural symphony, connecting the most ancient parts of the brain to the most advanced.

Reading Instruction (also spelling, printing, cursive)

First, we assess to determine the underlying cause of the reading problems.  Second, the child would usually take one of our programs to strengthen those weak cognitive abilities.  Then third, once the cognitive abilities are strong, we can teach the child to read, spell, and print.  We use methods that are proven to be the very best methods for all kids, but are especially helpful for kids with severe reading struggles, even dyslexia and reading disabilities.  The reading instruction methods we use come by a number of names including synthetic (to blend) phonics, explicit (clearly taught) phonics, systematic (in a precise order) phonics, and linguistic reading.  We combine elements of the many synthetic phonics programs we’ve used including Master the Code, Jolly Phonics, and the methods described by neuroscientist Sally Shaywitz in Overcoming Dyslexia. Reading instruction is done face-to-face or online.

Samonas Auditory Intervention

Samonas – Suitable for children who need a gentle approach to auditory training.  They may have bigger issues like anxiety, OCD, ODD, etc. We offer it as a two-week intensive (in our office) to get big results quickly.  Because the auditory system connects to most major organs, auditory training can tap into this unique mind/body connection to promote well-being at the cellular level.  * Learning, language and communication are directly impacted by the auditory system. * Sounds vibrate throughout the body and have a powerful impact on learning and development. * The auditory system is responsible for hearing, listening and balance/coordination. * Children and adults can be trained to overcome many challenges through advanced auditory training.

Other Programs

We are certified providers of the following programs.  Although we don’t usually offer them on their own, components of them may be used in conjunction with the above-mentioned programs.  They have certainly helped form our understanding of how neuroplasticity works.

  • Structure of Intellect
  • Educational Sensory Integration
  • Belgau Learning Breakthrough
  • Integrated Listening System (iLs)
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Davis Dyslexia
  • Cellfield Dyslexia
  • Reading Horizons (Orton Gillingham)