A Great Partnership

We have recently partnered with our friend Anita Claymore, who is a resident of Glenhaven.  Anita has trained with us in the Fast ForWord programs in order to support our American students who are doing these program at home.

Anita has also been trained by us in the reading instruction methods and tools that we use in our Langley, BC learning centre.  With them, each year we have been successfully teaching about 100 kids to read, who had failed to learn this all-important skill through other methods.

Your questions are welcomed.  Please call Lisa Pearson at (604) 539-1386 or Anita Claymore at (360) 685-6292.

Fast ForWord

The Fast ForWord family of products are computer games designed by neuroscientists to train and develop phonological processing abilities.  A weakness in these abilities is the root cause of reading difficulties.  It usually also results in your child having great difficulty in processing spoken language well (receptive language processing), and so may not understand all of what the teacher is teaching.  If you can’t learn by reading, and you can’t learn by listening, how are you supposed to succeed in school?  You can read more about this throughout our website and from this brochure: Different for a Reason.

A great read is Chapter 3 from the book, The Brain That Changes Itself: Redesigning the Brain

For more information see our Fast ForWord page and www.scilearn.com/parents.  For pricing information, go to our Distance Program Support Page.  Keep in mind that these prices are in Canadian dollars, so you get an even better value.

Reading Tutoring

The methods we use come by a few names.  Explicit Phonics means that the letter/sound correlations are taught clearly, explicitly.  Synthetic means “to blend” and so Synthetic Phonics involves teaching the letter/sound relationships and the blending of the letter/sounds to form words.  It work!

To understand more about why we use these methods, and why the methods used by most schools and reading tutors do not work, please read:  Breaking_Through_the_Barriers

Only 1/3 of American Children are Proficient Readers

As horrifying and shocking as that sounds, it is true.  Read: The Gap Between The Science on Kids and Reading, and How it is Taught.

Pre-Testing ($189) and Post-Testing (FREE!)

Reading improvement is measurable.  We use two on-line testing tools to measure your child’s reading abilities and improvements.

The Gibson Test – video

  • Long-term Memory:  the ability to store information and fluently retrieve it later in the process of thinking.
  • Working Memory:  the ability to hold information in immediate awareness while performing a mental operation on it.
  • Visual Processing:  The ability to perceive, analyze, and synthesize visual patterns, including the ability to store and recall visual images.
  • Logic & Reasoning:  The ability to reason, form concepts, and solve problems using unfamiliar information or novel procedures.
  • Auditory Processing:  Phonemic Awareness, the ability to analyze and manipulate speech sounds; crucial underlying skill for reading and spelling.
  • English Word Attack:  The knowledge of, and application of, sound codes in order to pronounce unknown words.
  • Attention Cluster:  A composite score of sustained and selective attention skills representing the ability to focus and stay on task.
  • Composite IQ:  A composite score of six core cognitive skills representing overall cognitive ability.

Reading Progress Indicator – video

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Decoding
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

For the pre-test, Anita would come to your home.  She would set up your child’s assessment either on your computer or her laptop.  She would observe your child through the testing process, to make sure the child understands what is expected, but without providing any assistance towards the test’s outcome.  She will also do a number of one-on-one activities to see how your child does with these other types of activities and how well they get along.  Rapport is very important for successful learning!

Then Anita will meet with you to go over the results and make her recommendations for remediation.