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Accomplished Learning Centre

A Different Kind of Learning Centre

Accomplished Learning Centre (ALC) is one of Canada’s largest providers of cognitive/brain training programs to help children who struggle in school, have reading or learning disabilities, or other learning challenges.

Our “brain fitness” programs improve thinking abilities: memory, attention, processing speed, listening, reasoning, etc. These programs work great with struggling students and kids with reading and attention problems. They are even successful in children with more serious conditions like learning disabilities, ADHD, intellectual or cognitive deficits, autism, developmental disabilities, and brain injury.

Fit brains learn better!

If your child fits into the following list, our brain training programs will get far better results than academic tutoring.

  • Your child struggles in school, is embarrassed, and feels shame.
  • Your child is becoming a behaviour problem in the classroom.
  • The teacher has suggested that it might be Attention Deficit Disorder or  ADHD and that your child might benefit from  medication.
  • You’ve been told that your child is a visual or kinesthetic learner, or has a “different” learning style. (Schools, universities, and workplaces all require strong auditory learning abilities. These can be trained!)
  • You and the teacher are dumbfounded as to why your bright child struggles with simple tasks.
  • There is an excessive amount of homework.
  • Your child hates school.
  • Your child’s learning problems are having an impact on your family i.e. you or your spouse frequently fight about the child’s schoolwork or behaviour, your other children feel short-changed for attention.

Does Your Child Face Any of These Learning Challenges?

Following is a list of common problems that affect a child’s ability to learn in school. Go to our Challenges page to learn more and to get the information you need to  do something about improving your child’s future!

  • Reading – Difficulty learning to read; poor reading comprehension, fluency, sounding out.
  • Writing – Can’t put thoughts on paper.
  • Spelling – After much studying, passes the spelling test but misspells words minutes or days later.
  • Speech – Examples: says “free” for “three;” /r/ sounds like /l/ or /w/; /s/ sounds like /z/ or /th/, etc.
  • Comprehension – Doesn’t understand what’s said or read.
  • Focus, concentration – Can’t focus on a task, easily distracted.
  • Attention, listening – Doesn’t pay attention to speaker, forgets or can’t follow instructions, easily distracted by sounds.
  • Overly active – Squirms, tips chair, frequently gets up to sharpen pencil or use bathroom, can be very annoying to other students, teachers, or family members.
  • Math – Can’t remember math facts, doesn’t understand word problems, lacks concept understanding.
  • Handwriting, printing – Sloppy, off the lines, doesn’t seem to care how it looks.
  • Poor memory – Forgets homework at school, doesn’t remember what to do, can’t memorize lists or facts.
  • Easily frustrated – Gets angry, gives up, cries, shouts, throws tantrums, or withdraws.
  • Unmotivated or lazy – Doesn’t seem to care to even try anymore.

Learning Disabilities Langley

There are Solutions!

More teaching or tutoring is not usually the solution to learning challenges. The solutions lie in special programs designed to improve learning abilities. These programs strengthen attention, memory, listening, processing speed, phonological processing, executive function, and other thinking abilities. Accomplished Learning Centre is Canada’s largest provider of  specialized programs for strengthing thinking skills and improving a child’s ability to learn in a regular classroom.

Assessment and Parent Consultation, $189

The first step is an assessment in order to find out what’s really going on. Then you will return a few days later for a Parent Consultation to go over the results.

At the Parent Consultation you will get a very good idea of how and why your child is struggling and what can be done about it. We will discuss your child and the problems he or she is having and go over the assessment results in detail. Then, together, we can determine which program or programs would be most suitable for your child’s needs and personality, and your goals for your child and budget.

Grants are available if you can’t afford the programs. All programs are eligible for Autism funding in BC.

Phone 604.539.1386 or 1.855.539.1386 to discuss your child’s learning challenges and which programs are best to address his or her needs.